March 25th, 2009


Mark Lewis Season: Rat

Courtesy of Wolfie, I thought I should let you rats know that there is a documentary on ABC's iView called Mark Lewis Season: Rat which is about "the remarkable and intelligent rats of New York [Of course, all rats are remarkable and intelligent--MML] and their ongoing conflict with another successful mammal, Man." This is by the director of Cane Toads: An Unnatural History (also available on iView), so it promises to be quirky and off beat.

Hurry! These documentaries will only be on iView for a limited time.

EDIT: We've seen it before. It's actually a tabloid-style hysteria piece with not much in the way of serious natural history that sets ristin off ranting about how much New Yorkers exaggerate. (I myself have great respect for New York and its inhabitants, though I am still slightly bewildered by it. I guess, in spite of my protestations, I'm really just a country rat at heart.) Also, iView is only available to Australians. Those who are very keen could try to find an Australian anonymous proxy so they can sneak in but proceed at your own risk. :/
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