May 15th, 2010


The rat cooks

My cooking posts have by far been my most popular on LJ, so I thought I should follow up by sharing the two recipes I was so publicly puzzling over, with some personal notes.

The first recipe I tried was Texas-Style Beef Chili.

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Later today I will be cooking Boston Baked Beans. I'm sure a native Bostonian (yes, I'm looking at you, perspedragon!) will rightly react with horror at what I'm doing to it, but I have to work within my limitations and I hope it will be at least a rough approximation. I will need to go to Boston some time so I can see how it's really done. The same goes for Texas Beef Chili.

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Plush Palace ( update

This Meeko was very kindly given to me (unstuffed) by t_h_squirrel. Yes, he is "too big" but now I realise this is a joyous, wonderful thing! I've grown quite attached to this Meeko, and I think Trigger has given me a rather unhealthy new habit, because I really don't have the room for filling the house with giant plush, at least not without incurring ristin's wrath.

In other news, this is my first (substantive) update to the Plush Palace in close to three years. o_O I have bought new plush since then, but I don't feel much incentive to be sharing them there. Web 2.0 has made me lazy and needy: I want to be able to just push photos up without giving them much thought and let the back end worry about everything else; I want to keep track of how many views that photo gets and enjoy reading everyone's comments. Doing this manually seems so slow and laborious now, but I know otherwise I'd lose control over my photos (which is a big deal to me when it comes to Roophilia). It's been slow, relearning how I update my own websites, but hopefully I will be able to carry forward the momentum, because I have fresh photos I want to share for the latter.
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