March 7th, 2012


Civil partnership: Love, not politics

I am very disturbed to hear from ristin that a lot of his friends think that our registering our civil partnership today was an attempt to make a statement. We have lived together for over 7 years; we don't need to make a statement. We wanted our relationship to be legally recognised and, so far as is possible, to have the same legal protection as a married heterosexual couple. There's also the symbolic aspect too, that after all these years we are able to "tie the knot", at least in this half-formed way.

The only political aspect was in the timing. We don't trust Campbell Newman, whose party on polling is likely to win the next state election, not to repeal the Civil Partnerships Act 2011, so we had to get in before he gets the chance.

But yes, Ristin and I got our civil partnership registered. The lady at the counter who helped us was friendly and supportive, but it was still a cold bureaucratic affair. We didn't have time for anything more than that, as we were racing against the clock. Later we will hold a ceremony to commemorate it, but that will take time to work out and to find the right person to act as MC. We might have two: One in the daylight dressed to the nines and another at night in fursuit (or rubber suit, as the case may be).
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