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Ain't you quite Finnish yet?

I got a package in the mail today from the Finnish Immigration Service. After waiting the better part of a year, they've approved my application for Finnish citizenship! (This doesn't affect my Australian citizenship of course; I wouldn't do it if it did.)
Ohessa Maahanmuuttoviraston päätös Suomen kansalaisuudestanne.
I'm embarrassed to admit that my Finnish is pretty rusty, but I think that says something along the lines of "Has achieved emigrant (or outside of Finland) Finnish citizenship."

So why did I do it? Just to keep my options open, in case I ever want to visit or move to Europe. (Finland is part of the European Union.) It's quite ironic; ristin has American citizenship which I would really value and I have European citizenship which Ristin would really value. How can we swap? :)
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