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A "de-necessary" political post

Gmail has been offering me the Are You De-Necessary site often of late, probably because it can tell I'm a political junkie. As much as I agree with their argument that it's stupid to lose thousands of jobs in the fastest growing state during a recession, I can't help but cast a cynical eye over the site. If you have enough time to take a photo of yourself and explain why you're necessary, just how "necessary" are you? I've been tempted to take a parody photo of myself in Rattus and then write something along these lines:
Squeak! I'm necessary because I'm a scavenger! Scavengers are important because they eat all the useless rubbish that departments generate, like annual reports and strategic plans.
But I'm sure they vet all their submissions first and besides which I don't want to sabotage their site, as much as it's begging to be satirised.

And full disclosure: Yes, I'm a public servant. No, I don't feel I'm a leach on society. Even though I'm not on the front line I believe I'm doing valuable work and that my workplace would be the poorer for my absence. And I do work my furry tail off, thank you very much.
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