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A sign of the apocalypse?

(This entry could only possibly be of interest to librarians, so the rest of you can feel free to skip over it.)

I've been entering my collection of books into Delicious Library, and although I find many of the barcodes for my books are no longer valid (they must recycle the barcodes according a scheme best understood by whatever authority is responsible for barcodes) but I have been comforted knowing the ISBN has always been sacrosanct... until now. I'm shocked to find that
Looking for Sarah Jane Smith
by David Franklin, published by Baby Ice Dog Press in 2001 with ISBN 0646-41086-5 instead brings up
Manic Streets of Perth: Anthology (Looking For Sarah Jane Smith & To Dare A Future)
, also by David Franklin and published by Baby Ice Dog Press in 2005. Close, but not the same.

Would any of the real librarians on my friends list be able to shed any light on this? Are publishers allowed to recycle ISBNs if they reprint a book as part of an anthology? I have seen reprintings share the same ISBN but never a whole new book.

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