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Back and ratty!

I've been having lots of adventures during my exile from the internet, but I will have to tell you about those later. Right now I have a very important public service announcement.

Below is the sign you will be looking for at Anthrocon on Thursday night to find out where the Rodent Party is being held; I won't have the room number until we check-in. Please keep in mind, this is going to be at the Marriott, which is across the street from the Westin.

We will not be serving dinner, only snacks and refreshments (no booze, this is a dry party.) Please come by and meet up with your fellow rodents and chill out for a bit before the con craziness gets started. We'll have some cheesy boardgames too. Hope to see you there! :)

Also, Rattus will be making a special guest appearance, one of the very few personal appearances he will make during AC, so don't miss out!

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