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New icons!

On to a more pleasant topic. zelox_quo made me two new LJ icons. ristin had felt a bit left in the icon I pulled from one of Zelox's comics of me blissfully happy while hugging Zelox, so I asked him to basically reproduce that icon but this time with Ristin. He did so, but then made me an additional one:

It is well that I have more icons to express my love for Ristin, for I fear I don't speak on it enough here. Ristin is the centre of my life and I need him. Just the cuddles we enjoy in the morning keep me going the whole day. I missed him terribly when I was away in America for so long.

Zelox growled when I suggested paying him, so maybe these qualify as gift art? I'll try to buy him a beer or something.
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    Remy, the star of Ratatouille.

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    Mango the fruit bat. I also updated Marty's bio.

  • Plush Palace update

    Marty, a Folkmanis mouse puppet. He originally had a vest. I'm thinking of taking him to America with me.

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