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You people need some culture!

As I hope you all know, I
do not
do memes, but I thought I should share my desktop image:

This is what graces my desktop. It is a ratty adaptation of Da Vinci's The Last Supper, and quite a good one too if you compare it against the original:

Unfortunately, it was created to promote a rodenticide, whose name will remain forgotten. Someone posted it on their LJ. I was so struck by it that I sought it out online and found that the full-sized version was made for killing rats. When I pointed that out on their LJ another furry very kindly produced this version with the rodenticide logo photoshopped out. I put it up as my desktop and it's stuck ever since. ^_^

EDIT: hawthorn pointed out this wonderful bit of Da Vinci-themed ratty artwork:

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