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Sat, Oct. 10th, 2009, 08:20 pm
Furry realia

Furry treasures from around the world. The mouse tea set I won at the Anthrocon 2009 auction and the three wise raccoons were a gift from zelox_quo to ristin.

Sat, Oct. 10th, 2009 10:39 am (UTC)

On the subject of mice, what's this I hear you saying about being insulted when somebody mistakes you for a mouse? ;-)

Sat, Oct. 10th, 2009 08:31 pm (UTC)

Eep! It's nothing personal! Why, some of my best friends are mice! I think you know I have a lot of respect for mice. But rats and mice are two distinct species. Well, wouldn't you be offended if you were mistaken for a rat? Rats have so much bad press--I feel as if I have a responsibility to spread the good word about rats and if I get pigeon-holed as a "safe" mouse then I've let down my species.

Sat, Oct. 10th, 2009 01:39 pm (UTC)

Awwwww did not know you went to AC and i live 2 hours from it

Sat, Oct. 10th, 2009 01:43 pm (UTC)

D'aaawww, Remy wine glass!

Sat, Oct. 10th, 2009 08:10 pm (UTC)

Ooh, you won that tea set? I assume it's Erin's.. I somehow managed to snag one of her little sake cups with a wolf on it, and i love it. By the time i made it around to her table again, all her pottery was gone :/ I had wanted more.
Happy to see that tea set has a loving home :) Congrats.

Sat, Oct. 10th, 2009 08:19 pm (UTC)

Very nice collection!

Sat, Oct. 10th, 2009 11:36 pm (UTC)

Wow, that tea set, and the two wine glasses, are really really nice.

Any idea if you are going to have a dedicated type of tea to go into that pot? Or will it just be an all purpose pot?

As for my little gift, that isn't really a treasure surely. More of a trinket?

Anyway enjoy your week up there Marko.