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Guns 'n' Ratties revisited

Taking advantage of Final Cut Express, I have made a revised version of my Guns 'n' Ratties video, where I cavorted about with a modified Wii guitar for the amusement of MiDFur X attendees:

Hopefully this enhanced version gets across my intent more clearly. I think this performance is well worth remembering as this was easily the highlight of MiDFur X for me; that moment of magic that makes it all worthwhile.

Unfortunately, MiDFur this year doesn't include a talent show, so there's no opportunity for anyone else to showcase their talents and hopefully experience the same high I did. A talent show, regardless of whether I'm in it or not, has always been a high point of any con for me: It drives home the sense of community we have in this fandom. I have a lot of competing commitments on my time, so I think I'll give MiDFur a miss this year. I wish everyone who does go all the best.

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