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Rattus Goes Shopping

I am proud to present: Rattus Goes Shopping!

Rattus Goes Shopping was assembled from footage originally shot for
Alter Ego
, a new documentary about Second Life, which will air on SBS at 11:25pm on Monday the 14th of December 2009. wolfie_rankin and I appear in it, but the documentary went in a different direction after this footage was shot and Rattus now appears in it only fleetingly. After this documentary and A Tail of Identity, I must seem like a media tart but I assure you it's not so. I was interviewed for
Alter Ego
over a year ago, and only after a lot of persuasion on the part of Wolfie. I'm glad I did though; the documentary presents Wolfie and I in a good light and it was a lot of fun dressing up for the cameras.
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