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An early impression of furry cons

I've been reading by John Irving. In it there is a story about a family whose job it is to investigate hotels in Austria (bear in mind this was written in 1976, long before we started furry conning):
'Of course it's not serious!' Father said. 'How could there be bears in a pension?


'It's probably not a real bear,' Robo said, with obvious disappointment.

'A man in a bear suit!' Johanna cried. 'What unheard-of perversion is
? A beast of a man sneaking about in disguise! Up to what? It's a man in a bear suit, I know it is,' she said. 'I want to go to that one
. If there's going to be a Class C experience on this trip, let's get it over with as soon as possible.'

'But we haven't got reservations for tonight,' Mother said.


'I'm sure we don't need to make a reservation in a place frequented by men who disguise themselves as animals.' Johanna said. 'I'm sure there is always a vacancy there. I'm sure the guests are regularly dying in their beds–of fright, or else of whatever unspeakable injury the mad-man in the foul bear suit does to them.'

So you see, it's really not our fault at all. We've been struggling with a negative image even before we started. That's why we should welcome all the positive media attention for cons we can get to counter these sort of cruel misconceptions. Unheard-of perversions, indeed!

The name for short term and not-so-short term budget accommodation in Austria.
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