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Wed, Dec. 9th, 2009, 06:32 am
The importance of a rodent-friendly workplace

Most of you will know about Nuts the squirrel of course. One group in my workplace has gone Nutty in a big way, with the curious fellow popping up everywhere. When they got a new member, a workmate went so far as to create a set of special edition Nuts (from home) to decorate her workspace with.

Tue, Dec. 8th, 2009 11:09 pm (UTC)

You wacky nutty Australians.

Edited at 2009-12-08 11:52 pm (UTC)

Wed, Dec. 9th, 2009 04:24 am (UTC)

I didn't know about Nuts the squirrel! That's so cute!

I missed seeing squirrels during my 3 months Down Under. Of course, all the roos made up for them! ;-)

Wed, Dec. 9th, 2009 01:47 pm (UTC)

It took me several years living here to realize there weren't any squirrels.

Wed, Dec. 9th, 2009 09:07 pm (UTC)

That's why I bounced around like an excited schoolgirl the first time I saw a squirrel in America. They may be as common as dirt to you guys but they're exotic to me.

Of course, it's nothing like the first time I saw a raccoon! That was special.

Edited at 2009-12-10 04:13 am (UTC)