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Now for something completely uncontroversial

So, heh, nice weather we're having? (Noo! Brisbane's weather has been very unsettled lately and that might lead to a discussion of... global warming.)

My raccoon has taken up cooking (real cooking--from raw ingredients!) and I'm enormously proud of him. The problem is, he's bought an American cookbook. (I don't think they should sell those here, but that's another--controversial--issue we'll leave alone.) I love Americans and their cooking, but they use imperial measurements and their taste for spicy food tends to strain our more delicate palates. Also, some foodstuffs which are common there are unheard of here and vice versa. Um, what are tomatillos? The recipe calls for a can of tomatillos and neither us nor the store have heard of them.

EDIT: I should clarify, when I say American cookbook, I don't mean a cookbook about American cuisine. It pretended to be a generic cookbook for slow cooker recipes but in fact it was written for American audiences and so has limited usefulness outside of the US.
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