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Rattus and Ziggy Meet

The title is somewhat misleading, as Rattus and Ziggy don't actually meet in these photos. These photos were from when ristin and I went down to Canberra to visit friends over the Easter break. You'll notice there are a lot more photos of Ziggy than Rattus in the set. Somehow I felt so much more energy in Ziggy than Rattus that night.

It is not as if the world would end in a paradox if Rattus and Ziggy were to actually touch (much as suggested by a reunion story in the classic Dr Who series); there were photos of them together taken at the rodent fursuit photo shoot at FC this year. I have never bothered to chase down what became of those photos. I noticed a change in me after FC which I have much pondered. Although I still love fursuiting as much as ever (maybe more so) I no longer eagerly hunt down photos of myself in suit. It just isn't important to me anymore; only the performing side is. I speculated to Ristin that I had moved past the "sin of pride", but he soundly rejected that idea. He suggested rather I had by my apathy fallen into the sin of selfishness, because only a few people can enjoy seeing Rattus and Ziggy in person, but many can enjoy the photos. I have been told in the past how much people have enjoyed seeing photos of Rattus so I feel I can say without falling into pridefulness that there is truth in his words. I will make an effort to see what became of those photos and share them here.

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