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Brisbane floods: Safe and well

bob_bunny has bought it to my attention that I've been remiss with my LiveJournal. I'm sorry if I've worried anyone. I've been tweeting about my adventures but at the end of the day I was safe and on high ground. Both ristin and I are fine. We are nowhere near the flood level so don't worry about us. I went into the CBD yesterday because I was still needed to keep the office going (we're part of the government) but I got out before the water crept too high. If you want to know what you can do to help, if you can spare the money you could consider donating to the Queensland flood relief appeal. It's going to take the community a long time to recover. The devastation has just been terrible.

Ristin has been putting feelers out, but does anyone need some help? We have bed space and transport available.
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