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Dream post

Other people seem to be reporting on their dreams, so it's only proper I tell you of my nightmare:

I was wandering an abandoned supermarket with, among others, Alan Davies. I told him how much I liked him in Why Doesn't Maths Add Up (which, in the waking world, I'd watched just that night). He disappeared then but I didn't have much time to dwell on that as I heard a terrible noise outside, as of the most savage dog fight. I went outside the supermarket (but still inside a shopping centre) to investigate and through a glass wall I saw bestial (as in half-formed) werewolves fighting over a slab of meat. I think it was implicit in the dream that the meat was the husk of a human torso. I snarled at them, attracting their attention, and then ran for the safety (?) of the supermarket. However I slid as I ran and realised I would not make the door in time. I woke and shouted in fear, waking ristin. It was a little after 3am. He had to hold and comfort me before I could fall asleep again.

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