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Mardi Gras or bust

I should soon be on my way to Sydney for Mardi Gras! The furry float got cancelled but master_flea has kindly got me a spot on the Sydney Leather Pride float where I can shake my tail because I so had my heart set on Mardi Gras this year. (I'm told the float still has spots open, so if you want to join me and you've got leather gear, let me know and I can check for you. They ask for for a $20-25 donation to cover costs.) I'm getting cold feet again, but I'm always like this before the march. I'm committed now. Huge thanks to ozkangaroo for driving me down and liontemba for giving me a place to stay. After Mardi Gras and exploring Sydney for a few days, I will be flying off to Canberra for a work-related conference, so I may only be online intermittently for the next week.

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