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Wed, Apr. 13th, 2011, 01:02 pm
Threats made against pollies

Not very happy with the current direction of Australian politics, with threats being made against Defence Minister Stephen Smith and death threats being made against independent MP Andrew Wilkie. Even worse is Liberal MP Steve Ciobo, a member of the Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform, who thinks it is "unfortunate" that Mr Wilkie put out a media release about it, but apparently doesn't have anything to say about the death threats themselves.

EDIT: I'm pleased to report I have more on Mr Ciobo's comments and he did say what I was hoping to hear: "At no time should either blackmailing or death threats be tolerated..." In my defence, I did look for a couple of sources of news, but none of them seemed to go beyond his "unfortunate" remark.

Wed, Apr. 13th, 2011 03:12 am (UTC)
ankhorite: Australian Death Threats

I am sorry to say I know exactly how you feel. :(

Here in the U.S., we have actual elected politicians suggesting that gun violence is the way to re-write election results. Google "Second Amendment remedies."

Thu, Apr. 14th, 2011 10:22 am (UTC)
marko_the_rat: Re: Australian Death Threats

I'm ashamed to say that I was thinking of America when I wrote this. If the founding fathers did indeed have Sharron Angle's reasoning in mind when they drafted the second amendment, and I can see the argument for it, I doubt they intended it to extend to killing off a political opponent who had the bad manners to beat you. I should think the founding fathers were thinking more along the lines of Libya.

Your icon by the way is both cute and frightening, at least to an Australian rat who's not used to America's gun culture.

Wed, Apr. 13th, 2011 01:14 pm (UTC)

I fear this reflects the mindset imported by the Far Purple, er, Right, fringe of the Little Church of the Holy Dollar franchises.