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Extra large Meekos available

t_h_squirrel has sent a Meeko and a husky (everyone should know what the classic Meeko looks like, but here is a shot of the husky) to a Chinese manufacturer (Joy Fay, from whom I bought a Remy knock-off I'm very happy with) who will copy the patterns and make over-sized versions of them. This costs money of course, but the more people who sign up for a given size, the cheaper it will be for all concerned. Myself and a friend are getting Meekos that will measure 91cm from rump to nose that will look straight ahead. Others are commissioning one that will be 152cm from nose to rump. Some are getting a husky that will be 183cm from nose to rump. How much they cost will depend on how many people commission a particular design and you will have to talk to Trigger, who is coordinating this, but you then pay Joy Fay directly rather than Trigger. As for how good these will be, I don't know. I am taking a chance on it myself. I'm just putting this out so other people can get in on this too if they want.

Further inquiries should be directed to Trigger:

FA: triggerhappysquirrel
YIM: triggerhappysquirrel

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