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Remembrance of an English teacher

I was leafing through the latest issue of the Big Issue and I came across a column where the writer remembered a bad English teacher. I thought that a good opportunity to recount my fond memories of a good English teacher. I didn't find her especially inspirational as an English teacher. I don't think she instilled in me a love of reading or writing. What I remember her for came later, many years after I'd left high school. I was handing out how to vote cards for my local Greens candidate (I was a committed Democrat until the party imploded) at a State election. The aforesaid English teacher (I won't name names because in the grubby world of politics even this could get used against her) just happened to be my local member of Parliament. She showed up at that polling booth to rally her campaign workers and hand out sandwiches. Much to my embarrassment, she found me there handing out HTV cards for a rival candidate. I was quite touched that she remembered me, even after all these years. She must have taught hundreds of students. She even gave me a sandwich. Electoral boundaries have changed since then and she is no longer my representative in Parliament, but I still remember that small gesture fondly.

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