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Update to the crow-eating rat

BeatPick never passed on the message I sent Dhruva Aliman about his music being on Rumblefish (another black mark to BeatPick), but Dhruva did find my LJ post and sent me a nice message on YouTube assuring me he did upload his music to Rumblefish himself, so that's alright then. I was a bit worried when I saw so many of BeatPick's artists also on Rumblefish. But it does mean, in spite of how much I'm in favour of Dhruva and other artists making revenue from their work (and how much I love his song), that I can't use his music because I hate having advertising overlaid on my videos*. It's not like my video is getting anything like the views it would need to earn him any revenue anyway.

He did point out though that the down side of winning the rat race is that you're still a rat. Funny. I never saw that as a down side myself. :)

* Having said that, if any of my videos did go viral I'd be a hypocrite and set up advertising on it myself. I'm allowed to make a little on side, aren't I?
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