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Sat, Jun. 12th, 2004, 08:17 am
Играем в колбасу! У кого длиннее?

{Участников:32}-{nightway}-{w23}-{cherita}-{goldy_kin}-{besyonya}-{alexej}-{ivand}-{ta_tochka}-{gosha}-{candelabra}-{nikon_nlg}-{dziro}-{ven_ture}-{xnrrn}-{allegroconmolto}-{soulscode}-{glassapples}-{traveller}-{shaenie}-{nasturtium}-{bunnybaggins}-{juvu}-{blueathena}-{wyldkyss}-{jooolz}-{cybergirl}-{robotgirl} - {machinegirl} - {verix} - {matrices} - {odious} - {marko_the_rat}
Чтобы присоединиться, введите свой ник и нажмите кнопку - колбаса сама запостится* в ваш ЖЖ.
* - вы должны быть залогинены и у вас должны быть разрешены java-скрипты.
created by nightway

Fri, Jun. 11th, 2004 03:19 pm (UTC)

Aagh! I didn't know it would do that! Make it stop! *hides under the covers again*

Fri, Jun. 11th, 2004 03:40 pm (UTC)
odious: Re: Translations

"We play into the sausage! In whom it is longer?
in order to be joined, introduce your it is no press button - sausage itself zapostitsya * into your ZHZH. * - you must be zalogineny, also, in you they must be permitted java- scripts."

Thanks to itzafurrball a more complete translation
"Let's play sausage! Whose is the longest one?
To join, enter your nickname and press the button. The sausage will post itself automatically. You have to be logged in and have Javascript enabled
username:____ [Grow, sausage!]"
(Deleted comment)

Fri, Jun. 11th, 2004 04:00 pm (UTC)

Um, my raccoon likes Russians. Really.

(Ristin! You're embarassing me! Didn't you ever see Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country? Don't you know the Klingons, er, Russians, are our friends now?)

Fri, Jun. 11th, 2004 03:51 pm (UTC)

agh! LJ-cut? delete? eeek! *watches her friends page do funny things with it's tables....

Fri, Jun. 11th, 2004 03:54 pm (UTC)

Eeek! Rat is sorry. I will keep this post as a mark of shame on my rodent head, but I will LJ-cut it.

Fri, Jun. 11th, 2004 04:07 pm (UTC)

just...like 5 people on my friends lists did that, and my journal is all warping all over...it's funny, and makes reading the journal; annoying as hell at the same time.