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A clarification

Lest anyone starts accusing me of spreading LJ hacks, the Russian meme below is harmless, although it does illustrate vulnerabilities in LJ. I wouldn't let it stay there otherwise.

There are warnings spreading through LiveJournal (itself a meme) warning people not to click on link on links named "This is interesting" or "Whose sausage is longest", claiming that they will steal your password. It's my understanding that this is not possible, but, as the Russian meme illustrates in a harmless and amusing way, it is possible for links to do undesirable things to your LJ, so it is a timely warning to be careful about what you click on.

'Nuff said.

EDIT: Amusing but topical mondygrene I heard on the radio: I'm pretty sure the real lyrics were "Your worst enemy," but I heard "You're worse than a meme".

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