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Roophilia Update: Is it the end?

Wow! Over two years since my last update. No wonder it took me a while to remember how to update it all and to repair the shell scripts that help to automate the process. But is it worth it? Updating Roophilia seems so clunky in the age of web 2.0, and its design does not fit the higher resolution photos I want to upload nowadays. Also, Roophilia does not get anything like the attention it did in the old days. I suppose I could make a Roophilia page on FaceBook and pimp for "likes" for it and either upload photos there (thus leaving behind my friends on LJ) or maybe devote a page on Flickr to it and notify my followers of updates in the usual manner (it would take me a while to fill 1TB). Either way, I would be effectively relinquishing possession of my photos (which is why I've been reluctant up till now) and any photos of a reproductive nature (or even too gory, as one photo arguably could be) would still have to go to the old site (which would stay up indefinitely as long as Bang keeps going. Thoughts, anyone?
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