Marko the Rat (marko_the_rat) wrote,
Marko the Rat

Dare to hope

In an earlier LJ post I said I dared to feel the rekindling of hope that I would be employed again soon. I kept my language circumspect because I know that pride comes before the fall, but I feel I'm entitled now. He also said I was the top candidate for the position. *preens and puffs out furry chest in pride* It's only a casual IT support position, but I'm grateful to have something and getting a paw in the door is always a good start. Sorry for all the furry affectations in a work post; I am also on my way to RivFur so my head is in two places right now. He also said he will put my name down for a partner company so I could potentially share hours between them. Anyway, I am understandably very relieved to have a source of income again, and I don't start until Wednesday so I can go have fun at RivFur first.

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