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Tue, Sep. 17th, 2013, 07:54 pm
Seeing the stars with @RizzoRattie

You know the scene in the Dr Who episode "The Big Bang" where Amy's guardians take her outside and show her the night sky and berate her for believing in stars? Is that a metaphor for urban living? I vividly remember the simple joy I felt on seeing the stars in the outback when I was roadtripping with colifox. I could see the whole swathe of stars in the Milky Way! I had forgotten what it was like. I may be a city rat at heart, too much in love with city comforts, but I am glad there is still an untamed wilderness I can retreat to.
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Tue, Sep. 17th, 2013 11:25 pm (UTC)

That's one thing I miss about the last gig - sometimes, I'd walk back along the cycle path, when the moon wasn't new. The landscapes also take on quite an aethereal tone, swimming in that silver-blue sea.

Closest I've come recently has been occasionally heading back from one of my preferred pubs on a Saturday night. ^_^; It's out in the countryside, so it's about a 30 min walk over to the nearest bus stop - but it's along an easy footpath, no traffic, so you get to enjoy the night without lot of light all around. (Ooh, reminds me, I need to pop fresh AAs into the torch. Or indeed, get something a bit more energy efficient. I'm thinking of picking up several LED lights of different kinds, for some indoor photography - they seem like they could be quite useful for some cheap creative lighting)

I'd also like to head out, some evening, to one reasonably local wildlife reserve, and just wait and see who's around. I saw what was probably evidence of bunnies, which would delight me - I'd love to find more spots for my photography, and that's a beautifully peaceful, reasonably secluded spot. But who knows? It's not impossible I might spy badgers, which I've never yet seen in the wild. Perhaps I'll try dropping the owners a line, and see if the warden can give any indication of who's around there.

Wed, Sep. 18th, 2013 09:47 am (UTC)

I'm a displaced country-bunny: even the town makes me claustrophobic. Where I live was farmlands and over the past 45 years it's become a sub-divided mess. But we still have large tracts of woods and meadows, and the stars at night, and lots of critters have adapted to all these people and their homes. I laugh to myself when I hear neighbors complain that the deer ate their ornamental shrubs.