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Funeral rites

Attending a funeral gives one cause to consider one's own mortality. It included an exhibition of her life, photos from her life and things important to her. Such an exhibition for me would of course have Rattus as the centrepiece, but what if he could be more than that? What if he could be a participant too? I would love for Rattus to be sitting there among my much-loved plush, but then he could surprise people by actually having someone inside! Rattus is a simple creature; he has no regrets for the past or fears for the future--he lives only in the now. He would help to make the funeral what it should be: a celebration of my life. And it would firmly show where I stand on the debate about what should happen to a dead furry's fursuit. :)

Of course, I would neither know nor care. You could dump me in the tip and say good riddance to bad rubbish. But I hope there will be something better than that for my fursuits and most beloved plush.
Tags: death, funeral, last wishes

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