Marko the Rat (marko_the_rat) wrote,
Marko the Rat

Gripped by Gilgandra!

Marcwolf and I had engine trouble 5k out from Gilgandra. The heater valve cracked, spraying coolant over the engine. We did a bush mechanic repair, and limped into Gilgandra. There we were lucky enough to find someone still in the 'closed' Toyota dealership, who (sulkily) sold us the part we needed. David fitted and we headed off again but we still overheated on the way out so we limped back, resigned to spending the night. (Echoes of my roadtrip bringing Ristin up to Brisbane were not lost on me.) A kindly motel keeper loaned us a spanner and David was able to remove the thermostat. (Dud I say how good he us with cars?) Our overheating troubles were over and we were able to motor in to Forbes. Our adventures continue.

BTW, when in Gilgandra we yes and recommend the Orona Windmill Motor Inn, just around the corner from the Toyota.

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