Marko the Rat (marko_the_rat) wrote,
Marko the Rat

Taking the rat for walkies

(This is basically a repost of what I wrote last year, but I was so pleased with it I thought it beared repeating this year, especially in light of my late decision to join in.) A super model once quipped that she wouldn't get out of bed for less than $10 000 a day. You'll be pleased to hear that Rattus is much cheaper than that (ahem!) but when I go out on the Million Paws Walk in Rattus I will be giving my sweat and tears (I hope not to bleed during the march) for our four-legged friends and I want it to be worthwhile. Let me be clear: I am not too proud to beg. If you have any money you can spare, please visit and donate what you can. All money goes directly to the RSPCA and they look after rats too! If you can't donate, then messages of support and spreading the word is also much appreciated. I already have a donation made in my name so I'm committed to marching, but I reserve the right to only march in a partial, depending on how much I get. If you want me to sweat, dig deep!
rattus million paws walk
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