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A good day

Amazing what one can achieve if one bludges and takes the day off work:

  • Delivered rosequoll to Stephen. Two happy quolls!
  • Wrote a shell script to partly automate the process of updating my web page.
  • Visited the kangaroos at Lone Pine and had a good "getting to know each other session".
  • As a consquence, lots of new photos on Roophilia! Too many to list here (but tongues feature heavily), go there now and click on the "Latest" button! Great photos! I love my digital camera! (I'm forcing you to go to my home page because I want to see how many hits I get.)
  • I'm getting new glasses tomorrow! The few of you who get to see me in person from time to time (rumours of my being a hermit irl are greatly exaggerated) will be able to enjoy an updated look for Marko.

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