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Sun, Aug. 28th, 2016, 03:11 pm
Europe 2016 in photos

Photos from 2016 European trip. I haven't done a full report, but you can find my live tweet of Disneyland Paris starting from this tweet, which includes photos not included in this photo album. Thank you to all my friends who showed me there is still so much wonder in the old world for a rat like myself to experience. One of the highlights of EF 22 was the rat fursuit photoshoot I organised. It restored a lot of my confidence in my ability to organise such things after my failure at trying to organise a rodent fursuit photoshoot at FurDU last year. Photos from this rat fursuit photoshoot will follow when the overworked photographer gets a chance to process them.

Sun, Sep. 4th, 2016 02:04 am (UTC)

Oh, wow! That's quite the photographic trove. =:D I'll have to save that for later enjoyment at length.

How was the Ratatouille (much as I hate to use the word, so abused by marketeers) experience at Disneyland Paris? It remains, of course, one of my utmost favorites Pixar's come out with. I still adore that early scene where he's coming up with the perfect presentation for a mushroom, which does indeed sound quite glorious.