Marko the Rat (marko_the_rat) wrote,
Marko the Rat

By request...

I got my new glasses yesterday, and ristin asked me to put a photo on my LJ and some comments. For the rest of you, who are likely to be bored silly by this, I have hidden it behind an LJ cut.

(Wholly unflattering photo of me--I hadn't slept much the night before.)

They're light. (As I expected because they're made out of titanium.) They're so light that after a while I hardly notice I'm wearing them, except for the impact on my periphery vision. The first time I got to see myself properly in my new glasses yesterday and I thought, "Neh." Maybe I'll look better in them when in a shirt and tie? My old round glasses formed such a significant part of my self image, it will take me a while to adjust. I'm told these are much more fashionable, and I wanted smaller lenses anyway.

Byron just weighed them. My old glasses came in at 24g and my new ones (with a stronger prescription) are 17g.
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