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Come back Oz, all is forgiven!

(Only kidding, aldi.)

In what Aldi and I agreed was a resounding victory for pedantery over slobbishness, we made it to Australia Zoo a little before 10:30am. We did however spend some time talking about ozkangaroo (it would be impolitic to discuss the details) so Oz will be pleased to hear that his spiritual impact has not yet abated. He may also gain some satisfaction from the fact that we badly underestimated the appeal of red kangaroos, although eastern greys remain our favourite. Aldi met the much-promised white kangaroo (actually a leucistic red kangaroo) which he immediately christened Ruby (real name Hanna). We even got to see her getting sunscreen applied--photos to come later. On the way back, I took the time to lecture Aldi (pointlessly) about the importance of finding that one true love. Ah, well, I may be a believer, but that doesn't mean everyone will share my faith in the path to true happiness. He then got to watch A Bug's Life at jagafeh's apartment and he seemed well pleased with that.

Determined to cement Brisbane's reputation as the kangaroo (heavy) petting capital of the world, I am busily looking for our next target.

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