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How does it feel to be 30+?

"I don't know. I haven't felt myself recently." (That's an oo-old joke, and demonstrably untrue in my case, so let's move on.)

I was shopping for a birthday present for jagafeh today. (It's his birthday on the 12th of July! Go to his LJ and wish him a happy birthday!) I was contemplating a book of jokes about over 30s, but I decided against it. It seemed too negative.

I'll let you in on a little secret: I used to feel bad about being over 30. Like my life was just passing me by. How do I feel now? I feel great! I've never felt so good! I don't feel in the least bit old. How do I do it? It's easy. Just find someone exceptional and wonderful to love, and who loves you in return. Maybe it's not so easy, after all. Don't think my life was easy up to this point. But at last, I've been blessed.

So what did I get Jagafeh? I'm not telling. It's a surprise. :)

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