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You needn't read this, unless you're interested in the information management field, or morbidly curious about my life (you know who you are, ristin.)

The Good

My application for doing a half-day training session down in Melbourne got approved. This is good, because it makes me look good at work (seeing as I offered to pay everything else because I was going down for *ahem!* leisure) and it also gives me an opportunity to "network" (a skill I am sadly inept at) with Melbourne information management professionals. (You mortals may call them librarians, but libraries are a hell of a lot more than just books and librarians do more than look after them.)

The Bad

I got it springed on me yesterday that the Journals Room needs to be cleared out for more office space (though there are plenty of empty cubicles around the office) and it needs to be emptied out STRAIGHT AWAY! This pisses on my own professional responsibility to institute a controlled weeding plan, and highlights further the cavalier attitude displayed towards the library, since they wouldn't even waste time consulting with me. To top it all off, I expect the room lie fallow for several months before they decide to use it.

And the Ugly...

This is especially galling seeing as I suggested some months ago I could save space by no longer archiving a regular (and space-consuming) publication we produce that is reliably archived electronically in PDF. Even though we have no statutory obligation to keep it (other libraries have that role), a minority in the Office raised their hands in horror at the suggestion and the idea was quickly quashed. Now I'm being asked to weed material that might be useful and make room for a resource that definitely isn't. It's reasoning like this that makes me say I don't work in a real library.

As always, the shining light in this morass is Ristin. It's days like this that I'm tempted to chuck it all in and ask if I can be Ristin's bitch.

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