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Will only the Greens and the Democrats stand up for this country?

(All references to Greens and Democrats are of the Australian variety.)
Labor has decided it will vote for the Free Trade Agreement with America. Watch as our much smaller economy gets trampled. I freely admit I don't know much about economics, but nobody has given me an intelligent argument about why the FTA will be good for this country, and based on this government's track record at dealing with America, I have to assume this is a bad thing. (Our "reward" for supporting America in the war on Iraq.) I was going to do a rant about how I felt uncomfortable about the Greens trying to usurp Labor's policy-making by trying to base a preferences deal on concessions, the key one being to reject the FTA, but the point is now moot. While I'm opposed to the FTA, I wanted Labor to form its own judgement about what is good for this country. I wanted Labor to show some signs of leadership, something it has thus far failed to do in this campaign. By abdicating their moral right to govern, they have given up their prospects of forming government.

More than ever, this country needs a strong balance of power party for the Senate. And with the Democrats' vote hovering around one percent in all opinion polls after their leader's disgraceful drunken brawling in the Senate (this is not an image I want the rest of the world to have of Australians), I fear the Democrats can no longer fill this role. It is up to the Greens to fill the breach and be the progressive party that Australia needs.

And in the lead up to American election, here's something for you politically aware Americans of the left-wing persuasion. ;)

This image courtesy of Wolfie's Den. If you want to spread it around (and accuse me of starting a meme in the process), feel free, but please don't hammer poor Wolfie's ISP if you can help it. Put it up on your own web server first if you can.

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