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Falling down: a clarification

I might need to explain why I got so upset over the accusation of anti-Americanism. I admit it hit me more than I expected, and it's given me an opportunity for soul searching. Due to bullying I suffered as a child, I am very sensitive on the issue of nationality, as ristin unfortunately has cause to know all too well. Combined with the fact that Ristin is an American (as well as Australian) citizen, and he considers himself half-American, you may begin to understand why I'm so concerned to distance myself from the accusation of anti-Americanism that has dogged so much of the Left. A conspiracy of unlucky coincidence left me in the state I was last night. What most appalled me about that post in hindsight is the prospect that Ristin might have seen it before going to his job interview today and having it impact negatively on his performance.

I think I want nothing more right now than to be left to myself and my ambiguous nationality and to reread the story of a rat that was let back into the light.

And ozkangaroo: Thank you. ^_^
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