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The smell of him

I met Ristin at the airport. It was only an hour and twenty minutes with him, but that meant every minute was precious, magical. We talked and cuddled and hugged, taking care not to waste a moment. Even now the scent of him still lingers. It's amazing how even such a short time with him gave me such a lift. I need him.

In related news, Labor proudly proclaims to a Christian forum it has the same policies as the Liberal Party on gay marriage. Once again, Labor fails to show the leadership that would justify its claim to be an alternative government. You know, you Christians can keep the sanctity of marriage. I don't really need it. But I do need an avenue for my love and commitment to Ristin to be formally recognised. I want him as my life partner and I want all the rights and responsibilities that that would entail for a heterosexual couple. I've had enough of men (and it is overwhelmingly men) interpreting God's will on earth. If my love so upsets Her, let Her speak for Herself. The world has moved on.

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