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OMG! The Stranglers are coming to Brisbane!

To which most of you would reply, "Who?" The Stranglers are a band that started in 1977 and are still touring and making new music. They are often categorised as a punk rock band, but I don't care much for categories, and besides which I've had the opportunity to track their musical evolution. They may have started out as a punk rock band, but they mellowed into a thoughtful introspective band with edge, until they lost the plot in the mid 90s and degenerated into a tribute band for themselves. It's quite sad really, but I'm still excited at the prospect of getting to see them live. Woot!

POSTSCRIPT: I would never had known they were touring if ristin hadn't phoned me when he did to say he would be home late, because I was so engrossed in a magazine article while riding on the bus (I'm a politics junkie) that I would have gotten off at a different stop and never have seen the poster. Thank you Ristin!
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