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Drug testing in sports

I read this article in The Australian and it amused me no end:
INTERPOL had informed the World Anti-Doping Agency that trafficking in
steroids across Europe was now more profitable than dealing in
recreational drugs, the Australian lawyer who heads the body said in
Sydney yesterday.
Displaying a bladder-and-tube device the agency suspects some athletes
at the Athens Olympics used to give bogus urine samples, David Howman
said there appeared to be no swift end to the battle against sporting
Mr Howman said the urine-filled bulb of the device was inserted in the
anus and the tube, which had a pressure-sensitive on-off valve, was run
under the athlete's penis so a genuine-looking sample could be given to
watching drug testers.
The image of athletes pushing a bulb filled with urine into their anus had me squirming in my seat. Also: What do you do if (like me) you can't "go" when someone's watching? But it gets better:
He said it was an advance on the artificial rubber penises, available in
eight skin shades, which would-be cheaters had previously used.
Guffaw! We need ristin on the job to stamp out this blatant cheating!

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