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A plea for help

It's come to the point I freely admit I need help. (Windows users only, please.) If you go to my Movies page on Roophilia, are you able to play the first two movies? What about the other movies, which are just straight .mp4 files? What version of Windows do you use? What version of QuickTime, or are you using MPlayer or VLC instead? (You don't have to download the whole movie. If you can play just a few seconds of it, that's all I need to know.)

For the QuickTime gurus, I encoded the first two movies using Apple's MPEG-4 codec with a QuickTime wrapper (hence the .mov extension) and with fast start internet streaming enabled using QuickTime 6.4/6.5. One person has told me that it complained about not having 3ivx.dll. I had thought that any copy of QuickTime 6.0 or later should be able to play these files, regardless of the platform.

Your support will help to make Roophilia better and more cross-platform compliant. Thank you.

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