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New Zealand's view of Australia?

I read this bit of unpleasantness in the New Zealand Herald today. I'm tempted to look on it as New Zealanders laughing at we red-neck Australians, but I still need to comment on the content.

The line that most intrigued me was this: "with 60-70 per cent opposed to homosexuality". What exactly does this mean? While I sympathise with the deep distress my existence causes them, there's really not much I can do about it. This bizarre figure, which does not accord with the observed reality of myself and selected work colleagues, caused me to question the source of this survey. The Institute of Family Studies sounds like a front for a fundie church group and I was ready to dismiss it as such, but then I found that this is actually a Commonwealth Government statutory authority. Initially, this led me to give the survey more credence, but on reflection I realised that was naîve. It is a well known fact that the federal public service has been becoming increasingly politicised (I think this is a side effect of either side of politics being in power for too long) and so they may have gone out of their way to get the result they know their political masters would want. Governments have a proud history of giving the people what they want, but only after telling them what that is. I really don't feel that 60 to 70% of the Australian population is "opposed" to homosexuality, and I hope you don't either.
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