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Closer to God

Local public radio station 4ZZZ used to be in the habit of playing sound bites, many years ago. One that stuck in my head was, "When everything is going well in our lives, we love Him (God)." I didn't agree with that then and I don't now. While I don't shy away from my 'agnostic' tag, I admit that it is in times of crisis like these that I find the thought of an omnipotent being watching over us the most comforting. I like to think that the universe provides for us, in unexpected ways, when we need it most. Like this. I was angsting to a work colleague, whom I barely know, about my boyfriend ristin (He is much more than that to me; he is my partner, my lover, my other half. But suffer me my simplifications.) being in exile in New Zealand for the next few weeks. And this she wrote in reply:
I'm sure he knows how much you care for him. Keep sending him blessings through the wind and it will appear to him - whether it appears in the laugh of someone he passes, or in a sunrise he sees one morning. And when he sees those things or hears them...he will think of you. Trust in the universe that he will be fine and you will hear from him soon.

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