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Calm blue ocean

Got a phone call from ristin in NZ today. Joy! I got in trouble for being too stressed. :( Rats are highly strung animals: It's in their nature to worry about the ones they love. But my being worried has worried Ristin, so I'll do my best to think happy thoughts. He promises he'll call me if things get really bad in New Zealand.

New Zealand is a beautiful country with warm, friendly people; it is a shame that Ristin will be seeing it in such a poor light during this trip because of his family. I've been meaning to visit New Zealand again ever since I went there for Conspiracy in 1997. I hope I can persuade him to give it another chance with someone who loves him.

He also suggests I should take advantage of my last few weeks of being a bachelor rat and partay. Those of you who know me know I'm not much for parties, so how about a quiet dinner or movie outing instead? Who among my local friends is up for a brief pre-Christmas get together?
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