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Introduction to my TMI filter

For those of you who are new to my TMI filter: Welcome aboard! I haven't posted any fresh content recently, but it's easy to have a look through my treasure trove of older TMI posts: Just go to my User Info page and click on "Memories". Within that, you will find a category down the bottom called TMI. Click on that and you will see a list of my earlier exploits. Squee! Some of them show you every part of this little rat, so proceed with caution. ;) All my friends can see the list of TMI posts, but only those on my TMI filter can actually view them.

Although I'd been quiet for a while, I am planning to do some fresh TMI posts, after ristin moves in with me next week. As you can imagine, there may be some very interesting posts coming up! ;) If you want to be added to my TMI filter, please ask.
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