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A Thousand Miles Away

I had to leave my raccoon in Melbourne. I was brave; I didn't cry once in his presence, though I wanted to. We held each other with such urgency outside the terminal gates, even though we knew this wasn't an ending, only an interlude before the happily ever after we are destined to have.

This might be a good time to thank some of the people who have helped this come to be:

ozkangaroo and tzup, who introduced me to ristin. Without them, two lonely spirits would surely have stayed that way.

jagafeh who wished me all the best with my new love. It means a lot to me. We tried out a faltering, uncertain relationship some years ago. I'm proud I still have you as a friend.

Electra, whom I hurt more than I expected when I told him the love was gone. Thank you for being able to forgive me enough to wish me well with Ristin. I know this is hard on you.

Raccoonroo, with whom I 'dreamed'. Thank you for being so understanding when I told you about Ristin. May you be happy with your new love. You deserve it.

stealthygriffin, for always lending a sympathetic ear when I needed it.

aldi, for your patient and sympathetic help. I'm sorry for the mistakes I've made.


, for your kind and gentle nature. Without Pouch, I wouldn't have had the confidence in myself to be ready for Ristin.

And most of all, thank you ristin. Yes, keeper; I know I deserve your love, ahead of everyone else. Just thank you.

  • Plush Palace update

    Remy, the star of Ratatouille.

  • Plush Palace update

    Mango the fruit bat. I also updated Marty's bio.

  • Plush Palace update

    Marty, a Folkmanis mouse puppet. He originally had a vest. I'm thinking of taking him to America with me.

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