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10 random mp3s

1. Title : Hotel California (Unplugged) / Artist: The Eagles
2. Title : Soul in Chains / Artist: Soulstorm
3. Title : Mr Big / Artist: Icehouse
4. Title : Hit Song / Artist: Custard
5. Title : Born to be Wild / Artist: Steppenwolf
6. Title : It's Only Natural / Artist: Crowded House
7. Title : Star Trekkin' / Artist: The Firm
8. Title : Schlong / Artist: Beavis And Butthead
9. Title : walk this way / Artist: Aerosmith & Run DMC
10. Title : Straighten Out / Artist: The Stranglers

What? I'm not allowed to follow the crowd?

I'm not sure what this is supposed to say about me. These are mp3s I have, but not necessarily the music I normally go out of my way to listen to. I'm especially embarrassed about number 8 and I deny all responsibility for it.

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