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One bad rat, and musings on the nature of love

For my previous post, I most humbly beg pardon, both of ristin and of my readers. I should understand that not everyone is as comfortable with nudity as I am, and exercise discretion. I had no right to post that photo without his permission. I didn't see it as a revealing photo, but rather as an expression of the love I feel in my heart for him and I wanted to share that with all of you. Understandably considering how much of a hottie he is, it was suggested I posted that photo in a boastful spirit. That was not my intention at all. If I must be found guilty of anything, I ask it be of having a surfeit of enthusiasm.

Two people apologised for calling Ristin cute today. Why? Is it a pejorative for a man? Does it imply that's the only thing I see in him? I feel quite secure on both counts, so it doesn't bother me at all. In fact, maybe Ristin needs to see more of it. I'm not sure he really appreciates just how good looking he is, and how someone less certain of him may fear him straying. Rather, with my burgeoning self esteem, I am more worried about myself straying. It is true I am now interested in exploring the limits of monogamy, but only with Ristin's knowledge and consent and (wherever possible) his participation. Were I ever to do something so dirty as to cheat on him, I would deserve to lose his love.

The work colleague who apologised for calling him cute said of this photo, "The stance he has hugging you like that, I thought, what a nice person." That says it all, really.

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